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Use a power drill

The perforator is a miniaturized version of the jackhammer combining the striking and drilling functions in masonry materials. It is equipped with a specific mandrel (SDS) receiving tools (bits or chisels) with specific grooved shank fixed by engagement and not by clamping. Miniaturization and lighter weight machines have enabled the development of wireless devices running on battery.

By its versatility, the perforator tends to become one of the essential tools in the tooling of the handyman. It makes it possible to tighten and loosen heavy gauge screws, to drill all masonry materials, to dig them with sharp or flat chisels. Depending on the setting, the chuck will be rotatable or fixed, with a possibility of adjusting the angle of the tool. In an environment where concrete is ubiquitous, the perforator finds all its usefulness thanks to its versatility and its power.

Use a power drill

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