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The bathroom is one of the wettest rooms in our homes. In fact, the air saturated with moisture must here be renewed as efficiently as possible, in order to prevent the housing from undergoing major damage. To do this, there are different ventilation solutions to put in place.

The importance of properly ventilating my bathroom

When taking a hot bath or a long shower, the air in the bathroom is automatically saturated with moisture.

The water vapor condenses then on the cold or glazed walls of the pond. If the moisture is not discharged to the outside, it can then cause great damage:

  • Appearance of molds, saltpeter and mushrooms extremely harmful (their spread is not limited to the bathroom)
  • Deterioration wall coverings, peeling of paints, deterioration of the structure of the house, etc.

The ventilation of the room, after taking a shower or bath, must be systematic. It is also possible to install different ventilation systems that can stop the phenomenon of moisture.

To note: the hydromassage systems (shower and whirlpool) are at the origin of very important productions of water vapor. A bathroom with this type of equipment must therefore be absolutely equipped with a good ventilation system.

What ventilation equipment for my bathroom?

  • Natural ventilation

The operating principle of this ventilation is based on the use of the natural convection movement of the air.
A movement due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air (thermal draw).
Ventilation grids (at specific locations) are installed here, either at the entrance or at the outlet of the air.

  • The extractor aerator

The extractor allows to evacuate the stale air of the bathroom.
It can be an intermittent system (point extraction) or constant if one chooses to install a permanent extractor.

The extracted air must be compensated here by a supply of fresh air, coming either from a neighboring room or from the outside (complement of the system by a ventilation grid).

  • The VMC

The name VMC or controlled mechanical ventilation, brings together the various mechanical devices intended to ensure a suitable renewal of the air in the bathroom.
Various models of mechanical ventilation can be found here: simple self-regulating or humidity-controlled flow and double flow VMC.

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