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You have decided to enlarge your house by adding a veranda. This is indeed a great way to benefit from extra space at home. But beware, a veranda is included in the living space of your house. So there are steps you can take to do things in the rules and taxes that can be added to your budget.

Veranda and taxes

Veranda and taxes

Veranda and housing tax

The veranda is considered a separate part of your home. Before the beginning of the work, it is therefore advisable to make a declaration with your town hall and to deposit a Request for a building permit. A veranda has indeed increased the living space and, therefore, the rental value of your accommodation. The area of ​​your home being higher, the basis for calculating the housing tax will be reviewed. The building a veranda therefore leads to a more or less significant increase in your housing tax.

Veranda and property tax

If your veranda does not exceed 20 m², there will be no impact on the amount of your property tax. On the other hand, beyond 20 m², the basis of calculation will be modified and you will see your property tax increase. Indeed the calculation of the property tax is made from the rental value of your home, so its total area. In any case, you have the obligation to declare the construction of your conservatory to the tax authorities no later than 90 days after completion of the work. A form declaration 6704 IL specially provided for this purpose will be given to your tax center.

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Regarding the housing tax and property tax, if the declaration has been made within 90 days with the tax authorities, you can claim a two-year exemption (Article 1383 of the General Tax Code).

Veranda and planning fee

This tax applies to any new construction. The beneficiaries are the commune, the department or the region. This time again, the calculation is mainly based on the surface of the veranda. The declaration must be made at the time of the filing of the building permit. The amount of this tax is determined by the departmental direction of the territories. It will be paid in two installments, a first part 12 months after acceptance of the works and a second part 12 months later. Unlike the two previous ones, it will only be temporary.

Before making the decision to build a veranda, it is important to remember these parameters. In addition to cost of building a conservatorythese different taxes will have to be taken into account in your budget.

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