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Closing its balcony to make a veranda is a very advantageous solution allowing in particular a gain of undeniable space. However, transforming your balcony into a veranda requires taking a few precautions in order to enjoy it with confidence.

The benefits of a balcony veranda

More advantageous than a balcony, the balcony veranda brings a real added value to an apartment or a house. Indeed, it has many positive points since it:

  • allows to significantly increase the area of ​​his property and therefore to gain living space. The veranda balcony is a real living space that you can enjoy all year round. Indeed, while a balcony is used only a few weeks or a few months a year due to capricious weather conditions or noise and pollution in large cities in particular, the balcony veranda can take advantage of the outdoor area throughout the year.
  • allows to bring a brightness more important in its interior.
  • Offer a very good thermal insulation in winter especially since the sun's rays are captured by the glazing of the veranda and the heat is kept within it.
  • Embellishes the interior but also the exterior of a house. The veranda balcony is a piece that is both aesthetic and pleasant to live.

How to turn your balcony into a veranda?

The conversion of a balcony into a veranda is subject to obtaining an administrative authorization. Thus, it is necessary to make a preliminary declaration before beginning work to the extent that the external appearance of the house or the building is modified. In addition, if the area of ​​the veranda balcony is greater than 20 m², it is mandatory to obtain a building permit.

If the apartment is in a condominium, it must be verified that the co-ownership regulations authorize such a development. If this is not the case, it is not possible to turn your balcony into a veranda. On the other hand, if the regulation of co-ownership does not decide it is necessary to obtain the agreement of the co-owners during a general assembly because the balconies are often common parts of the co-ownership, even if the occupant of the apartment is the only one to use it. This requires the agreement of the majority of all co-owners because the construction of the veranda changes the external appearance of the building.

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