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During a DPE, the diagnoser took into account the veranda of 29 m2 despite being closed by double glazed windows and electric shutters to access. The house is in "all electric". The result indicates that the surface of the house is in D (195 m2) and he put it in E. Is it logical?

It is normal that a veranda is taken into account in a DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis) although it is not part of habitable surfaces if it is separated from the rest of na house. It is taken into account as "unheated surfaces" if it has no heating means, if it is separated from the rest of the house by double-glazed joinery. If there is no physical separation from the rest of the house, the veranda will be considered as a living space, which may penalize the DPE in a letter. In this case, it appears that the veranda is permanently heated (radiator visible) and that there does not seem to be any separation with the rest of the house (opening without door). It is therefore normal that she enters the DPE.

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