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Want to add a living room to your home? Do you dream of a winter garden? So building a porch is a great idea. Yes, but now, creating an extension to your home is a budget. So why not consider building a screened porch?

The verandas kit

The verandas kit

Veranda kit: presentation

You will find verandas kit in most major DIY stores.

Two options are available to you:

1- the model veranda ready to mount
2- or the custom veranda model

The second solution is obviously the most expensive and you will have to communicate reliable dimensions to the store before placing the order.

The conservatories in kit are in cartons, including the various panels as well as the mounting brackets. When transporting, pay attention to the mention "fragile" and handle the cartons carefully because there may be glass elements!

For the assembly of the veranda, you have a plan with numbered elements, such as for mounting a piece of furniture for example. Of course, you will need a little help because climbing a veranda alone is impossible.

  • What price?

The price of a veranda kit (excluding work) is between 3,000 euros and 13,000 euros depending on the model and materials chosen.

  • Which material?

Several materials are possible for the frame. PVC first, which from a financial point of view remains the most interesting. Exotic wood offers maximum insulation and a harmonious design. Finally, the most durable in time is aluminum. Small flat, it is also the most expensive. The panels, they will usually be glass or polycarbonate.

How to mount a porch kit?

Once the model chosen having taken care that it is well adapted to the facade of your house, a request for a building permit (if the veranda is superior to 20 m ²) is imperative near the town hall or a declaration of work ( if the veranda is less than 20 m²).

Then you have the choice, either to mount it yourself or to call a professional.

  • First step: the foundations

Once excavated, you must pour a concrete slab that will serve as a base for your porch. Unless you're really a true DIYer, it's better to entrust this step to a professional digger or mason. So does the durability of your construction. A spirit level is an indispensable tool to have a flat surface. After a drying time, plan the flooring.

  • Second step: fix the veranda

The next step is to securely attach the wall mount to the front of your house with a screwdriver. Then assemble the different elements of the structure according to the assembly plan provided. Be careful not to forget the seals between the different panels.

Once everything is properly installed, it is necessary to fix a gutter that will ensure the evacuation of rainwater.

  • Third step: finishes

To decorate your conservatory you can put blinds to protect you from the sun, install electrical outlets for lighting, create a green space in a mini greenhouse...

That's it, you just have to start now! Whichever solution you choose, keep in mind that a conservatory brings you not only extra living space but also great light.

Video Instruction: Montage Toiture Veranda en kit LIVERPOOL