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Producing oneself a quality fertilizer, totally natural, free and finally odorless, is not an unattainable dream. There is indeed a composting technique that makes it possible to obtain such an amendment: vermicomposting. Principle, operation and benefits are to be discovered in this article.

The principle of vermicomposting

The principle of vermicomposting is based on a natural process and totally ecological: to install culture worms, feeding on organic waste from the remains of meals, inside a container called a vermicomposter.

These earthworms can ingest the equivalent of their weight in a day, their releases forming a potting soil vermicompost, a very rich amendment for plants.

In addition, this compost has the particularity:

  • promote aeration of the soil;
  • to improve its structure;
  • to increase its ability to retain water.

The purpose of vermicompost is to promote the productivity of plants (in the garden or in pots) and to help them fight against diseases.

Vermicompost: a powerful liquid fertilizer

The vermicomposter produces an average of 10 L of liquid fertilizer per person per year. A totally natural fertilizer very rich in nutrients:


Thus, the vermicompost is the best organic compost that is. In addition, where the traditional compost is obtained by fermentation and takes several months to stabilize, the vermicomposteur produces a fertilizer juice with lumpy but stable appearance, directly assimilated by plants. It is therefore used pure or mixed with soil or potting soil.

The many benefits of vermicomposting

  • The vermicomposte can be made all year roundthe rigors of winter have no impact on its production.
  • Unlike standard compost, the odors of decomposition are non-existent since they are suppressed with the digestion of worms (thanks to the enzymes present in their intestines). The smell released by the vermicomposter is thus similar to that of the undergrowth.
  • The vermicomposting remains very constraining since it does not require to be watered or mixed, work provided by the earthworms themselves.
  • Finally, it is a particularly fast composting technique, thanks to the voracity of worms that never sleep. Creatures that promote the accelerated degradation of waste.

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