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We have a house on which appeared a vertical crack about 2 m high in the basement - it's an infiltrative crack visible on the plaster and the blocks are wet inside - several professionals came, but none has given us a solution. Only one suggested to break the internal blocks at the level of the micro-crack in order to remake a cement and therefore remake a waterproof rendering on the outside - this is the solution, it bothers us a lot -

At first, it will be necessary to monitor the evolution of the crack using plaster controls (the simplest and most often used method is to coat plaster witnesses with a thickness of about 10 mm on the flanks of crevasse.) for 6 months. This will allow you to know if the crack is stable or scalable. If the crack is not scalable you can reseal it to prevent moisture infiltration. There are thick plastic paints to overcome this kind of problems (Pliolite®). If not, it may be a problem of terrain stability or foundation structure. Only a specialist can decide and tell you the consolidation work to undertake.

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