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The vertical garden tends to be democratized, especially among people who live in apartments and have only a balcony. Discover the tips and plants to turn to for a vertical garden on your balcony.

A vertical garden on his balcony

A vertical garden on his balcony

Why make a vertical garden on your balcony?

When you live in an apartment in an apartment and the only outdoor space you have is a balcony, the space saving is essentialbut it is not impossible to please yourself while gardening. This is the reason why the vertical garden is suitable for balconies, since it allows you to grow plants while maximizing space, and for a rendering that is worth it. Indeed, with the concept of the vertical garden, you will grow plants with leaves, flowers, but also aromatic plants or vegetables not directly on the ground, but along the front of your home. This will allow you to cultivate plants that are important to you while decorating your exterior wall!

Tips for creating a vertical garden on your balcony

To make a vertical garden, you can turn to one of these options:

  • It is possible to opt for ready-to-use modules, which come in the form of bags or various supports made of wood, plastic or metal, which you will only have to fix along your frontage before planting the plants of your choice, which will grow along these carriers;
  • If you want to save money and you have the ecological fiber, you can build a plant wall using recycled materials, such as crates, empty water bottles, bins, etc;
  • If you do not want to clutter your wall of supports, simply plant plants at the foot of your facade and let the plants hang on the wall.

Vertical garden on a balcony: the appropriate plants

To achieve a vertical garden, it is better to turn to the good plants, and in particular climbing or creeping plants, such as ivy, honeysuckle, climbing roses or vines that cling to any support and evolve at high speed. You can also cultivate fruits, vegetables or aromatic plants in a vertical garden, but you must then favor vegetables that do not need to be rooted too much. So, turn to salad, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, strawberries, basil, chives, etc. Finally, if you want to install several bins on your wall, do not forget to decorate it nicely by installing Falling flowers, such as thoughts and geraniums that will be the most beautiful effect.

Video Instruction: How To Make A Vertical Garden?