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I am writing to solve a plumbing problem that I can not solve. I live in a detached house on the ground floor. My pipe is copper. I have 2 Hansgrohe mixer taps with top closure and a thermostatic mixer for my bathtub. I recently installed a pressure reducer to reduce the pressure from 5 to 2.7 bars (end of subdivision). When I close my faucets fast enough, the pipes vibrate. I checked all the fixings of the copper pipes but everything is normal. Only the flexible moves when I close my faucets. I was wondering if the problem did not come from the length of my hoses? The safety group of my electric water heater is a bit seized. In changing it, will I solve my problem? When I press my pressure to 5 bars and I go down to 2.7 bars, the noise disappears but a few days later, it reappears. Thank you in advance for the time you will spend on my problem.

You do not specify why you want to want reduce the pressure in the network. In general, it is rather too much pressure that generates water hammers, not the other way around. Between 2.7 bar and 5 bar, it must be possible to find an intermediate value, which can reduce the pressure in the network, without generating what seems to be "water hammer" when closing the mixers. A security group seized can also "facilitate" water hammer. Change it, the expense is not important. Another track, install on the network an anti-ram system.
Note that water hammers are often due to a scanalising bruise when passing through a partition or a load-bearing wall (they must not be sealed in the through hole. replace the collars with shock collars.
Finally, the water hammer is attenuated when you gradually close the mixers.

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