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When the Americans discovered the historical style of European architecture, they invented Victorian houses: these houses are very characteristic because they are the combination of several styles, with their large volumes and their many ornaments.

Victorian houses

Victorian houses

The Victorian House: Historic Architecture

Victorian homes are the symbol of a new architecture that has emerged especially at United States, during the so-called Victorian eraduring the reign of Queen Victoria, between 1837 and 1901. At that time, Americans discovered the European architectural styles, and inspired to create houses with a more "historic" style, which contrasted sharply with the industrial architectural style of the time.

These houses represent the architectural romanticism, not to mention that furniture and decorative objects also followed this trend during the same period. When we look at these houses, we realize that they were inspired by romantic styles like neo-Quenn Anne and Neo-gothic, also with some elements reminiscent of the Second Empire: these houses are therefore imposing and atypical, they are also very numerous in the city of San Francisco.

The characteristics of Victorian homes

The Victorian houses are recognizable by the typical architectural elements associated with this style of houses:

  • We always find a turret on the Victorian houses: it is erected on the main body of the building and its roof is independent of that of the rest of the house;
  • The gable is also a typical element of Victorian homes: it is a kind skylight that has a perpendicular sprocket. Its color and its ornaments can be various, some are also provided with pieces of carved wood;
  • In Victorian homes, we find a wooden consoleThis carved piece generally supports a balcony, or an element protruding from the front of the house.
  • We also find the corniceit is a molding installed above doors and windows generally. It is generally very decorated on Victorian houses;
  • The Crows are also part of the Victorian houses: they are triangular elements designed from wood, iron or stone, which support a cornice or a drip, even if they are primarily decorative;
  • The pediment is also one of the main ornaments of Victorian houses: it is a decorated element, of triangular shape and placed over a door;
  • Finally, the Victorian houses are adorned with decorated columns called the pilasters.

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