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Mandatory at the end of a construction site, the work acceptance visit is a decisive step since it is the only opportunity for the customer to notice any apparent defect. It is also the starting point for the various guarantees that serve to protect the client.

The reception visit of the works

The reception visit of the works

What is the purpose of the work reception visit?

The reception visit of the works is a step required to close a construction site and to hand over the keys to the customer definitively. It is during this visit that you check that the work is finished and well comply what you ordered.

At this moment, you have the choice between accept the work, make reservations or refuse them. The inspection of the works also corresponds to the starting point of the various guarantees such as the guarantee of perfect completion, the biennial or decennial guarantee. Be aware that if you notice apparent defects, you must report them on the day of the inspection of receipt of work to be able to play the responsibility of the manufacturer. If this day, you pass a seeming defect, the manufacturer is no longer obliged to repair it.

Reception visit of the works: who participates?

During the acceptance visit, both the builder and the client (the client) must be present to sign the minutes. If one of the parties is absent, the visit is considered void. It is authorized, and even recommended, that the client be accompanied by a contractor, building expert or technical controller to detect all vice or apparent defect. If you make the visit alone with the builder and you sign the minutes, then you have an additional period of 8 days to report the presence of an apparent defect.

How is the reception visit held?

During the work acceptance visit, it is important that you are the most vigilant possible to let nothing pass. Have a meter, an electric lamp and all the documents that could be useful such as quotes, contract, plans, purchase orders...

Take your time and check each piece of the house. Check also the good execution of the works. The reception visit is also the perfect time to test doors, windows, shutters or toilets. Feel free to turn on the radiators, the boiler and handle the switches. If you do not notice any anomalies, you sign the minutes and thus accept the reception of the works. In case of apparent defects, you have the possibility to make reservations and report it in the minutes to obtain compensation. If the damage is too great or if the work does not comply with the contract, you can also refuse to receive the work.

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