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Vitrify or varnish its floor is to apply a suitable product to protect the wood. Be careful, vitrification does not concern laminate flooring, on which a finish has already been applied!

Why vitrify a parquet?

Vitrification means a type of finish for floors. It has several advantages:

  • Vitrification protects the floor leaving an invisible film on the surface,
  • She prevents the deposit of scratches or stains in the woods,
  • She assures the parquet floor good resistance in the time,
  • It allows you to choose several options to give the desired appearance to your floor: gloss, satin or matte,
  • This is an economical solution for finishing your parquet.

How to glaze a parquet?

Vitrifying a parquet floor does not require special technical skills. Follow these steps:

  • Choose the nailpolish adapted to your type of parquet and to your specific requirements (respect of the environment, smell, mode of application, hue...).
  • Above all, sand the floor to prepare the surface well.
  • Put on gloves, then apply the varnish with a brush or a roller, in regular layers and stretching well. The application must be in the direction of wood.
  • Start at the bottom of the room so you can get out without stepping on the vitrified floor.
  • Lightly sand the floor with a fine sandpaper so that the second layer is hanging well.
  • Vacuum and clean the floor with a damp cloth.
  • Proceed to the application of a second coat of varnish. This makes the parquet even brighter and more resistant.
  • Let dry according to the instructions on the product. Do not sand the parquet following the application of the last coat of varnish.
  • You can polish the parquet with a little polish to finish.

After the necessary drying time, your parquet is as new and with a nice finish! You can put back your furniture.

Video Instruction: Ponçage et Vitrification de parquet - Massif TRADITIONNEL