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A cleaning in order so that the air circulates again in the bathroom.

clean the bathroom aerator or VMC

remove the bathroom aerator from the exhaust duct

Turn off the power supply.
Unscrew the fastening screws to extract the block from the aerator by releasing a part of the exhaust duct.

clean the engine block of the bathroom aerator

Remove the engine block from its housing to gain more convenient access to both sides of the fan blades.

cleaning the bathroom aerator

Scrape off the bulk of the dust with the tip of a knife.
Finish with an old toothbrush and some water with dishwashing liquid.

replace the engine block of an aerator in its duct

Reassemble the engine block: Using a pair of pliers, pull the rubber "silent block" through the crankcase mounting holes.
Then replace the aerator.

Vacuum the bathroom aerator regularly, as moisture sticks dust on the blades and eventually blocks the engine.

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