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The self-adjusting VMC is an efficient ventilation system that helps maintain healthy indoor air. It is therefore no longer necessary to ventilate the housing by opening windows, which limits heat loss. The self-adjusting VMC is an interesting ventilation solution, particularly inexpensive.

Principle of operation of the self-adjusting VMC

The VMC simple self-adjusting flow aims to renew the air of the housing to ensure its quality. Fact, the system makes it possible to evacuate stale air towards the outside of the house.

The self-regulating CMV provides the dwelling with a constant airflow, previously set according to the characteristics of the dwelling and the number of people who occupy it daily.

In this way, the installation of the system makes it possible to anticipate the real needs of the dwelling with regard to ventilation.

This constant flow will therefore not take into account the external atmospheric conditions (wind, rain, snow, etc.) and does not adapt to humidity present inside the house.

Installation of the self-adjusting VMC

Installing a self-adjusting VMC requires many skills that only a trained professional can muster. Indeed, a faulty installation can have consequences on the air quality of the housing.

1) Inlets and outlets must be installed high up in every room of the house.

2) Then intervenes the installation of the fan itself, and the installation of the duct network for connecting all the components of the device. The diameter of these sheaths varies according to the parts.

3) All the doors of the house will sometimes have to be planed to provide sufficient space for good air circulation.

The advantages and disadvantages of self-adjusting VMC


  • the self-adjusting VMC remains the least expensive controlled ventilation system (from 400 to 700 €)
  • its electricity consumption is very limited
  • its maintenance has the advantage of being not very constraining
  • like any simple flow system, the size of the self-adjusting VMC is low
  • it is easy to implement during a home renovation.


  • heating bill increase: the air exchange induces significant heat losses that the self-adjusting VMC can not limit
  • the air inlets can be the cause of a feeling of cold air flow.

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