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With new voice assistants developed by brands such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Apple, home automation today enters a new era, truly connected to external data, intelligent as scalable, and interoperable.

What is Google Home the Google voice assistant?

It is an object the size of a box of ravioli resembling a pretty little white design speaker that has just arrived in France. With 477 gr and 142.8 mm high he wants to enter our homes to revolutionize our way of life. Although the beginnings of what we promise artificial intelligence in the coming years, it does however augur great upheavals. And it fascinates us all the same a little while waiting. This is Google Home.
No break-in or violence this smart object connected to the Wifi will eventually make disappear:

  • remote controls,
  • switches,
  • thermostats,
  • alarm programmers,
  • the weather stations,
  • the pregnant,
  • turntables and hi-fi systems,
  • notebooks and other Post-it notes,
  • the diaries,
  • radio sets
and even many actions done so far with a conventional computer (address search, instant order on e-shops, search for a definition, payment of invoices or consultation of bank accounts, etc.). He can even play with you and your friends.
These daily queries will now only be activated at the voice of the voice assistant owner, as long as he uses a simple vocabulary, thanks to the microphones placed in this mini-speaker, and he begins his sentence with "Ok Google...".
Here's what Google Home, Alexa (for Echo, Echo Dot and Triby) from Amazon, Homepod with Apple's Siri, and what Microsoft's Cortana terminal will do now. he will leave the factories... which will not be long.
The biggest novelty, which gives it a certain head start, is that Google Home, which just arrived on the French market in August 2017, speaks and understands French. But let's bet that the systems of competing companies, already well established in the English-speaking markets, will soon flood the shelves of e-shops and specialty stores, Christmas approaching fast...
"Ok Google, add to my list of Christmas presents a Google Home for my little brother!"

Multimedia audio, video without hands with voice assistants

All I have to do is say "Ok Google..." and finish my sentence with my request for the Google Assistant-driven tool to run. Or almost.
Admittedly, the object was first plugged into the sector and then connected to an operating system (Android or IOS) on a smartphone or tablet.
Then with a "Chromecast" bought separately if the television is not provided, I can scroll my photos from Google photos, watch my series (hosted by Netflix), watch my shows broadcast by Youtube and listen to my music (hosted on applications like Spotify, Deezer or Itunes for the moment, but Bluetooth is under development to be able to pair my own machines).
"Ok Google, listen to Beyonce on Chromcast".
Then I scroll, I pause, I fast forward, I drop or increase the volume... without hands!
Tired, I'm going to bed.
"Ok Google, stop."

Order everything at home with the new home automation assistants

The bulbs (only Philips Hue for the moment) are also controlled by voice via Google Home: stronger, less strong, blue or red... It's up to you! Added to this are the Nest or Netatmo thermostats. Not so spectacular especially since you have to buy these machines and objects connected to the price a little strong sometimes but it is clear that "it's the job"!

Google Home Voice Assistant Test in French

By FrAndroid

Should I buy a voice assistant?

At present only Google Home is available in France as a speaker. Other assistants still go through smartphones or tablets and therefore cost nothing since it is free apps to load. But the microphones are not as sophisticated and will not understand you as well as a vocal assistant "salon".
Is a voice assistant for you?
If you have a Chromecast (+ - 35 euros if your television or your box Wifi do not have): yes.
If you are curious and fascinated by artificial intelligences: yes.
If you have foam arms: yes.
If you like talking to yourself at home: yes.
If you have "compatible equipment" (lighting, thermostat, interurters...): yes.
Still dispensable tool, more gadget than "incarnate revolution", is still in the development phase. He will speak better and better French, language to how subtle.
Compatible products, services and gadgets will diversify and, because of the power of Google, it should be in the very near future. The inventors have every interest in going in this direction.
Its relatively affordable price for a techie should try more than one.
Google Home, 149.99 euros on the sites of Google shopping, Darty or Fnac

Video Instruction: JBL Flip 4 (Voice Assistant) - How to.