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The walk-in shower is a built-in shower, without a pan with a water drain located at ground level. Modern, design, easygoing, it is a real success and offers a lot of benefits very valuable everyday.

The walk-in shower

The walk-in shower

Why choose a walk-in shower?

In addition to its design and ultra-modern, the walk-in shower seduces more and more homes because it has many advantages. Being located at ground level, it is easy access and adapts perfectly to people with reduced mobility but also to children who are no more likely to fall when entering the shower.
The walk-in shower fits perfectly small spaces and fits all shapes (angle, along a wall or in a curve). From an aesthetic point of view, the walk-in shower allows you to give free rein to your imagination and create the shower of your dreams. Tiles, mosaics, wood, polished concrete, stone... the possibilities are endless.
Another significant advantage: the walk-in shower blends into the decor because some have neither tray nor curtain wall. Your body of water then seems larger, more spacious. It is of course possible to install a shower screen. To keep this impression of space, better then choose a transparent wall. Finally, be aware that the walk-in shower is very easy to maintain. You save time when cleaning your bathroom.

The walk-in shower: the precautions to take

Before choosing the walk-in shower option, it is important to ask questions before starting work. If you want to renovate your bathroom, it is essential to check with a professional if it is possible to integrate the drainage system in the ground. And if that's not the case, do not panic, it is always possible to opt for an extra-flat shower tray. Also pay close attention to thesealing of your shower Italian and the rapid evacuation of water because otherwise, your new shower could quickly become a nightmare in everyday life.
Count between 300 and 500 euros for the installation kit of a walk-in shower, then add the price of the tiling, the shower column, the wall and the labor.
Compare the quotes and run the competition before you decide. Once these small precautions have been taken, you will be able to fully enjoy your Italian shower.

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