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The walk-in shower is at the center of the renovation of the bathroom proposed by the Guide Leroy Merlin 2016. The installation of this large walk-in shower is an opportunity to create integrated storage spaces.
In partnership with Leroy Merlin

The walk-in walk-in shower

The shower tray

The floor of the bathroom is raised to install a walk-in shower.
Clean the floor carefully and apply the glue in studs. Cut out the raised plate at the siphon and drain locations. Place the plate and coat with mortar. Install the shower tray ready to tile.
The siphon has a horizontal outlet, a bung. Insert and adjust the elements carefully. Check the tightness of the assembly.
Use hard foam drops to fill the space between the shower plates and the wall. Apply a plaster and then a sealing strip on the angle formed by the wall and the receiver.

The Italian shower area in details

Italian shower: the partition

1. Original tile
2. Wooden cleats, supports slanted wall plates to accompany the facets of plates and realize the slight form of ripple
3. Coated multilayer, red for EC and blue for EF, fixed by isophonic collars
4. Panel ready to tile ep. 12 mm, non-woven side side piece
5. Specific screws and washers
6. Reinforcing tape for junctions between plates, to be glued with glue
7. Application glue (COL AK)
11. Sealant (DRY ASK) above and below the sealing strip
12. Sealing strip (DRY DB)

The Italian shower area in details: the receiver

Italian shower: the receiver and the wall: wall

1. Original tile
3. Coated multilayer, red for EC and blue for EF, fixed by isophonic collars
7. Application glue (COL AK)
8. Breech plate for receiver, 180 x 90 cm, ep. 5.5 cm, support element made of hard polyurethane foam. Reservation to be provided for the siphon and its evacuation
9. Shower tray ready to tile, 180 x 90 cm, ep. 4.5 cm
10. Piece of panel drop ready to tile section 30 x 30 mm, flush with the catcher
13. Siphon with horizontal outlet 13 x 13 cm
14. PVC pipe Ø 50 mm, laid with slope for the evacuation of waste water from the shower to the technical duct
15. Mosaic glue
16. Mosaic and epoxy joints

The shower wall

The shower wall incorporates storage niches

At the entrance of the bathroom, the thickness of the bulkhead is used to install storage niches. Side window, it realizes a block of angle including shelves and integrated boxes.
The partition wall consists of plates mounted on a wooden frame. She follows the facets to marry a wavy shape. The storage niches are arranged in the curve. Use 3 cm thick panels to ensure the stability of the whole.
The column of shelves consists of 7 boxes. Each box has a bottom, an upright, a cheek and a tray. A bendable panel front is added to half of the boxes (every other row). Mount the boxes on top of each other, alternately (one with a facade, the other without). Secure them with glue.
The horizontal sealing strip is made on the linear at the bottom of the partition. Vertically, make a sealing strip on all the joints of the plate.

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