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Want to create a specific universe and décor in your shower? With the mosaic, it is possible, since we choose the colors, the textures, and that we assemble the tiles according to our desires. Zoom on the shower lining of creatives...

The mosaic for a unique and luxurious shower

The mosaic for a unique and luxurious shower

The mosaic for a colorful shower in Italian

To build a shower in mosaic, it's simple, just have mosaic, and a minimum of imagination and creativity!

And yes, with this coating, we decide:

1. Material, which will depend on the color, the reflections, and the appearance of the mosaic. We have the choice between ceramic to create relief effects, glass paste for a shiny and colorful, brushed aluminum for a more contemporary touch, mother of pearl for a satin finish... The choice is wide, everything depends of our desires and the desired rendering.

2. But also how to assemble the tesserae (small squares of mosaic). In order to create a decor, a pattern that we will repeat, a gradient of colors... always trying to create contrasts between hues and colors. The only limits we have are those of our imagination!

The benefits of the tiled walk-in shower

The mosaic coating is not only very aesthetic, it also has the advantage:

  • to be very resistant, whether it's weather, dirt or moisture. Rather practical for a coating that we will put on the walls and floor of our shower!
  • of to talk easily: a mixture of water and soap and our mosaic is nickel.
  • of also adapt to outdoor furniture, like in a pool or a pool shower for example.

Italian shower mosaic: what price?

The price of the mosaic will obviously vary depending on the chosen material and its quality, but in general it is necessary to count between 15 and 60 € / m² mosaic tile.

For the installation, we have the choice! If one does not feel the soul of an artist, one can find in large surfaces mosaic tiles already pre-glued on paper. The pattern is constituted, the pose is identical to that of tile tiles.

However, it is avoided to pose yourself if you do not control a minimum.

Video Instruction: How to install mosaic tiles