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Whether it's a simple partition or a masonry wall, do not get into destruction work without a minimum of knowledge. To avoid damaging the structure of your home, we do not advise you to take down a wall.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A metal detector.
A hammer.
A mass.
A handsaw.
An electric screwdriver.
A disc chain saw.
Old cartons or old blankets.
A vacuum.

Breaking down a partition: wall


Start by making sure that the party to be shot is not a wall. These walls are generally thicker than the others and represented in bold on the plan that represents your home.
Using a metal detector, check that there are no cabling or pipes passing through your bulkhead.
Protect your floor with cardboard or blankets and empty part of the two pieces separated by the partition.

Cut down a plasterboard partition.

Start by hammering down all the hammer plates by hitting them from top to bottom.
Remove the insulation by taking the necessary precautions. If it is mineral wool, plan to put on gloves and evacuate everything in garbage bags.
Finally, blow up all the fixings and rails with a crowbar.

Cut down a partition made of plaster tile or cellular concrete.

Start by locating the joints of your tiles by tearing off a small piece of coating.
One by one, loosen the join of the tiles by hammering and then remove the tile by hand.
You can also ground your wall but it will produce a lot of rubble.

Shoot down a masonry wall.

Start by cutting the top of the wall with a chainsaw.
One by one, loosen the joints of bricks or blocks by hammering and then remove them by hand.
You can also drive your wall to the ground or even the chisel, but it will produce a lot of rubble.

Video Instruction: HOW TO REMOVE A PARTITION (No Load Bearing Dry wall).