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 Retractable bed: a space saving solution.

Patented in the United States in 1885, the retractable bed or folding bed is currently a great success. With housing at exorbitant rates, it is not surprising that this concept seduce more and more city dwellers. The idea is simple but effective: the bedding folds discreetly allowing a significant gain in space. Real advance in terms of development or simple fashion phenomenon? To make you own opinion, this week, HandymanDuDimanche offers an investigation on the retractable beds.

The different models.

The different models

In recent times, more and more furniture designers are interested in retractable beds. There is now an extended range of models. The "moving beds" consist of a sleeping mechanism that allows them to come to the ceiling, freeing you up on the floor. In the "cabinet beds", the bed is hidden behind storage and unfolds in a wink. There are also retractable models built behind desks, bookcases and sofas or bunk beds. Thus everyone will certainly find an alternative adapted to their needs.

The pros and cons.

The pros and cons

The saving of space is one of the most interesting assets of the retractable beds. These also offer us optimal comfort, with a real bed frame and a quality mattress. A quality that applies to all the furniture whose life is relatively long, subject to regular maintenance. You will also enjoy the freedom of choice regarding style and materials. Finally, the bed installs easily in no time, which avoids the inconvenient handling in everyday life. These beds however require a regular maintenance, with if possible a visit of control carried out by a professional once a year. We also regret the high prices for this type of furniture, 1500 euros minimum, but also the lack of distributors.

Practical questions.

Practical questions

Because it is not easy to find a retractable bed in major furniture stores, it is better to go directly to shops specialized in bedding. Unless you have serious guarantees, if possible avoid the second-hand market, you risk making a deceptive acquisition. You can also have it made to measure by a carpenter, which will not necessarily come back much more expensive. As for the installation of the bed, it is best to leave it to the care of a professional because the wall fixing is quite delicate. It also seems useful to specify that this type of bed does not arise against a light partition. Before cracking for a wall bed, make sure it is guaranteed, preferably with an annual maintenance visit. Once your new furniture is in place, be careful not to get your fingers caught in the mechanism. Be careful when first used. Finally do not buy a mobile bed for a child's room to avoid any risk of falling.

With the unprecedented success of this type of bedding, more and more enthusiasts are embarking on the creation of retractable beds. Unless you are an experienced carpenter, HandymanDuanche advises against making this kind of furniture, which requires technical knowledge and a special know-how to ensure satisfactory job security.

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