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To create a cloud effect on an interior wall, there are kits ready to use. Once the mixture is applied, the whitened effect is reminiscent of the elegance of the interiors of yesteryear. Manual.

Use a wall patina kit

To create a cloud effect, there are offers including an undercoat, a dye and a protective wax. Thinner, the mixture works differently from old-fashioned patinas: the whitened wall effect is obtained by pulling the paste on the wall. It is a hand to take that can be obtained after several attempts.
Our advice: start on an inconspicuous area (behind the sofa, on the back of a door swing or in the location of a piece of furniture) before attacking the walls of the living room.

Paint or coating?

Effect paints: fine and film-forming, these paints require a very good preparation of the wall because the slightest imperfection comes out (bump, crack, hole...).
They apply to the roller, spalter or trowel depending on the product and the desired effect.
Decorative coatings: thicker, they usually ask the trowel. The relief is more marked because the decorative effect is given by the thickness of the paste applied.
They can be easily removed with a wallpaper stripper.

Prepare the glaze

How to prepare the glaze of a decorative wall coating

  • To prepare the glaze, pour the dye directly into the dough.
  • Use the same bottle to add the same volume of water.

Mix the dough to coat and the glaze

  • Manually mix the mixture with a wooden spatula.
  • Take care not to break the consistency of the creamy material of the dough.

Pass a first coat of decorative plaster before letting it dry

  • With a soft trowel, make a first pass by pulling the plaster to keep a very thin layer, at the limit of transparency.
  • Let dry 3h.

Application of a second layer of decorative plaster

  • Apply a second pass by working the product further to make it whiten.
  • Always proceed in zones of 1 or 2m².

Technique to keep an even color of decorative plaster

  • When the dough becomes too white, do not work it anymore.
  • Remove it from the trowel with a spatula and plunge it into the pot to mix.

Smoothing of thick parts of a decorative plaster

  • Without waiting, smooth the thickest parts to create the cloud effect.
  • Minimize overlap between zones as much as possible.

Waxing a decorative wall plaster

  • After several hours of drying, apply the colored wax still using the trowel.
  • Proceed in small crossed gestures.

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