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Before applying wallpaper or painting, it is imperative to prepare the support to obtain a perfect finish. To achieve this, the first step is to remove old coatings. A simple and fast operation, provided you have the right tools.

Prepare a wall before painting

After a few years, wallpapers and paintings lose their luster, forcing them to change the decoration. To restore this renovation, the old coatings must be either leached or unstuck (in order not to multiply the thicknesses)...
To remove old wallpapers, you have the choice between two solutions: simply moisten with a sponge or use a stripper. These solutions are effective except on vinyl papers (plasticized) which must be previously scratched or peeled to allow the steam to penetrate.
As for paints, a good cleaning with soda lye suffices most of the time. On the other hand, to give a second life to joineries (doors, windows...) use a heat gun: under the effect of the heat, the paint blisters. It is then sufficient to scrape it with a spatula. An operation to be performed outdoors or in a ventilated area because of toxic fumes.

Painting in height without fatigue

Painting in height without fatigue

Working at height is often very tiring, even with a suitable step stool.
To paint the ceilings, there are telescopic poles, some of which can reach 3m in height. Simply insert the handle of a roller in the tip to paint more comfortably. There are even models with adjustable head for fine adjustment of the angle between the pole and the roller.

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