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Powerful, decorative, practical: the wall hood is the hood of all kitchens, big or small. It seduces lovers of cooking as lovers of home decoration. Discovery.

Presentation of the wall hood

The wall hood is one of the most common, that which is found frequently in the kitchen. Unlike an island hood or a built-in hood, the wall hood installs on a wall even in a corner of the kitchen. It is characterized by a fireplace and a tray. However, manufacturers have been trying for some years to offer you decorative wall hoods whose aesthetics are as important as power. As a result, you will find more and more wall-mounted hoods with an original design, the first function of which is no longer to release your kitchen from cooking fumes but to bring it a resolutely modern style.

There are two major constructions of wall hoods:

  • The pyramidal hood with a shaped tray, more or less curved, pyramid and a chimney
  • The box hood which is distinguished by a flat and rectangular plate, relatively thick, and a chimney

From the most basic to the most design, from the smallest to the most efficient, you will find wall hoods in a wide range of prices, from 90 € to 2,000 € approximately.

Advantages and disadvantages of the wall hood

The wall hood offers you a wide choice of aesthetics, powers and prices. It is easy to install since it does not require special and additional work for a built-in hood for example. Just install it on a piece of wall, between 70 and 80 cm above a cooktop, and create a vent if it is an extractor hood. The wall hood is suitable for both large and small kitchens, large and small budgets.

If we were to find a disadvantage, it would be no doubt that the first prices are relatively basic and do not offer a more appreciable aesthetic. From 90 €, you will have a wall hood with pyramidal tray and basic fireplace with little variation of power. For a more decorative hood, you need more budget.

Video Instruction: Wall Mount Range Hood Installation