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The green wall gives a special atmosphere to your decor. Indoors and outdoors, this complex layout requires control over many parameters to give plants everything they need to grow even vertically!
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Just watering is needed to make a wall

A green wall inside

A veritable window on dreams, escape and contemplation, a vegetated wall offers a corner of nature at home, while creating a real visual and aesthetic impact.

Some plants have depolluting properties and all lower the rate of CO2 in the room through the action of photosynthesis. They also act as a sound buffer avoiding the effects of resonances always unpleasant.

These living beings in their own right need light, water, adequate temperature and nutrients. To cover these physiological needs, there are two techniques: the establishment of a hydroponic culture without substrate or a conventional culture with substrate.

In the first case, the wall will be thinner and lighter as the plants will find their nutrients directly diffused in the water. The growing medium is then mineral wool or horticultural felt that serves as an irrigation sheet. In the second case, small modules included in the plant wall allow to install the roots in potting soil.

Regarding irrigationit can be done by hand, but more frequently through a closed circuit connected to a water supply or an open circuit operated by a solenoid valve. A micro-dosing pump then adds the amount of fertilizer needed for plant health.

do not forget the need for light, which is often flouted in apartment. To remedy a low light intensity, artificial lighting connected to a programmer must be put in place.

Other element, temperature, which must remain constant, without excessive variations and without drafts, especially if you choose tropical plants!

If all these parameters frighten you on a large scale, start with vegetable boards kit, easier to implement and ideal to understand the process of vertical culture.

A green wall outside

Outside, the solutions available to you do not change in terms of cultivation techniques, however, temperature remains a crucial parameter when choosing plants. In an area where frost is prevalent, hardy plants should be selected from the dry and very hot areas that are resistant to these conditions.

In all cases, prefer plants with evergreen foliage not to cause unsightly holes in your composition.

The green wall is a work in its own right, do not hesitate to use a landscape design office to help you realize your project!

Outside, the green wall contributes to increasing biodiversity. A full-fledged ecosystem, it attracts pollinating insects with flowering plants and provides lodging for many small animals that find refuge in the thick foliage.

If you add a few plants producing berries, the birds will be part of the lot, and will help you fight in an ecological way against the parasites.

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