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First step, determine the laying plan of the tiles for the walls according to the layout of the room. Here are some solutions to find the best visual compromise and planning.

Wall tile: calculate the right layout - Wall tile Metalica White 20 x 50 cm - Castorama

Wall tile layout

  • The most visible walls are those facing the door and, in the bathroom, those seen from the bathtub.
  • Reject the cuts on the walls or in the least visible corners.
(Photo above: Castorama tiles)

The axes to respect for the layout

  • From a central element (a sink, for example).
  • Draw a vertical axis centered on the basin and another horizontal on the toilet.
  • Then lay the tiles on either side of these axes.

Tiles: calculation of the layout

  • If the ground is not quite level, attach a well-placed cleat to the spirit level.
  • The tiles in the lower row will be cut one by one to fit the floor perfectly.

Layout of wall tile in corners

  • The trend is tiling to the ceiling.
  • Provide an upper row composed of whole tiles.
  • The cuts will be on the bottom row.

Layout tiled bathtub

  • Around a bathtub (or a low cabinet), arrange for the tiles in the row just above the beach to be whole.

Wall tile layout around windows

  • To tile around a window or door, arrange the installation from the center line of the window.
  • Make the cuts using the ruler to be tiled.

Video Instruction: How To Tile A Wall - 1/3 - Getting The Layout Right