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Format, surface, material, color: our advice for choosing your wall tile.

Wall tile in the living room

Wall tile: what size of tile?

In addition to saving time on site, large tiles reduce the number of joints to be made and significantly improve the waterproofness of the coating. Their format often requires double sizing (wall and tile). From an aesthetic point of view, the rectangular formats give a perspective effect that helps to enlarge the space. But their price is proportional to their size...
(Photo above: Castorama tiles)

Wall tile: which surface to cover?

Tile up to the ceiling is up to date, for a more harmonious result, even if it supposes a slight additional cost.

Wall tile: which material?

Presented in plates, the mosaic offers a wide choice of colors, materials and patterns and allows all the fantasies to create a unique and original wall decor. Large modules of stone or slate dress more and more often the walls of modern bathrooms. Chic and deco, these coatings have a cost.

Wall tile: which color?

Blue, green and white are popular for enamelled ceramics. Bright tones that make the space look bigger and warmer.

Essential: check compatibility with the media

Before buying the tiles, make sure they are well suited to the substrate.
Heavier, floor tiles are not usually designed to be wall-mounted. Conversely, wall tiles are often too fragile to cover floors.

Video Instruction: How to Tile a Shower Wall