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The wallpaper returns in force and is adorned with sumptuous patterns, unless playing the effects of raw material or moire. You want to enjoy its decorative aspect. But how do you calculate the number of rolls of wallpaper needed to renovate your room? To your calculators...!

Wallpaper: how to calculate the number of rolls needed

Wallpaper: how to calculate the number of rolls needed

Surface to be upholstered: the basic calculation rules

Start by measuring the perimeter of the room to upholster by subtracting the dimensions of windows or doors. If you want to put wallpaper on some old door panels, take separate measurements.
To calculate the perimeter, add the measure of the length of the room and the width and multiply the result by 2.

Be aware that most wallpaper rolls have a standard width of 0.53 cm for a length of 10 m. If this is not the case, carefully note the width of your rolls and their length. These measurements are usually on the packaging. They allow you, thanks to the width, to calculate the number of strips to be used and thanks to the length, the number of strips to be released by rolls.

In practice: how many rolls do I need?

Once you have calculated the perimeter and adjusted for the number of openings, divide that number by the width of your rolls. You obtain the number of les.

Then consider the length of a roll and divide it by the height of your room or the height to be upholstered if you want to leave a space between the wallpaper and the ceiling.

Example: If the piece is 3 meters high and each roll is 10 meters, you will draw 3 rolls.
Then divide the number of strips needed by 3, and you get the number of rolls to buy.

To know.

  • do not forget to add 10 cm at the height of each lé to be able to araser correctly. If your walls are not of equal height, do not hesitate to increase this margin.
  • Carefully preserve the falls that can be used to dress up some details: parts around a switch, interior cupboard or door moldings.
    If later, your wallpaper is a victim of a hitch, you will have the material to make connections.
  • Many DIY signs sites offer you custom calculators. You just have to take the measurements and return them according to the suggested criteria
  • Turn to some free mobile apps who offer you the same services.

Video Instruction: How many wallpaper rolls needed