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There are two main families of wallpapers: those that must be glued before applying them on the wall and those that apply dry on a glued wall.

wallpaper label

The non-wives

glue for non-woven wallpaper

Until today, wallpapers that must be glued back before applying them on a wall were the most common. But the new generation of non-weavers, or decor fiber, more and more popular, brings a real renewal.
Obtained by the assembly on a paper support of compressed textile fibers (non-woven), these products have especially the interest of settling dry on a glued wall. No more difficult cutting and gluing work...
With a stronger texture and a thicker weight than traditional paper, the non-woven also have the advantage of masking the small flatness defects of the wall, cracks and other cracks...
In addition, if you take the trouble to paint the support before putting it down, and use a special glue, when the time comes, you can tear them dry without difficulty and without stripper. Assets that put the wallpaper in the foreground in terms of interior decoration.

Lot verification

checking the same batch number

On the labels of the rolls of wallpaper are clearly indicated the model, the color as well as the bath number. This last information is essential because even between two wallpapers of the same model, differences in color, light but visible, may remain if they were not manufactured in the same batch. When buying, do not be mistaken about the number of rolls and do not forget to check that they carry the same number.

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