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Do you want to give a boost to your coins? So test the sticker wallpaper, an easy and quick solution to revamp your walls. Today there are ultra-resistant models, colorful and trends that will surprise you with their modernity.

The sticker wallpaper

The sticker wallpaper

What is the sticker wallpaper?

This adhesive wallpaper consists of a vinyl base and is made of durable non-woven material. As the name suggests, this wall paper has a tacky side that just put on the wall to dress your room.

Instead of basting your wallcovering with adhesive, self-adhesive wallpaper is already ready for use. And if you missed the collage, no problem! You can take it off and reposition it a second time (or more!) Without leaving any traces (hence its other name: repositionable wallpaper).

In addition, vinyl adhesive wallpaper is washable. The material cleans easily with a damp sponge and it also resists heat. So you can dress all the parts of your home even the wet rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

The installation of adhesive wallpaper is easy!

The pose of this wallpaper is a breeze, you just need one spatula to be rubbed. This tool is used to smooth the paper to eliminate air bubbles. But, the facility does not exclude a small preliminary preparation of the wall:

1- Prepare the support so that it is smooth and with as little roughness as possible. You can sand the wall in a nutshell this will prevent air bubbles.

2- Position your wall paper by first removing the sticker film about twenty centimeters. Always start at the top and continue down. If the pose is not straight, no problem, you can take it off and reposition it.

3- Complete the operation by painting the wallpaper from the top. For an impeccable effect, it is advisable to smooth from the center to the outside. If some bubbles remain, you can pierce them with a small, thin needle.

• Some tips...
Wallpaper often has a tendency to retract. It is therefore advisable to leave it in the air for several hours at home before installation.
Another tip: if you want to remove it, it is best to melt the glue beforehand with a hair dryer for example.

Trendy wallpapers stickers

Designer designers have embarked on new innovation stickers wallpapers templates, making a real decorative accessory. The colors and patterns range from the most classic and sober to the most eccentric, with chic, graphic and ethnic prints.

Want to change the mood at home? No problem, just take off the wallpaper and stick another model according to your desire. You can create a custom and personalized deco because this coating can be removed very easily.

What is very trendy is to just stick 1 or 2 strips on a wall to give a design effect or bring a touch of color. With self-adhesive paper, you can also dress your cupboards, the steps of your staircase, shelves, doors and everything you want. Let your imagination run wild…

Side price, you can find a roll from 20 euros. A wide range of models can be found in deco spaces supermarkets or on Internet sites specializing in DIY.

Video Instruction: How To install Self-Adhesive PVC Wallpaper Sticker Brick Design