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If the angles of the room are perfectly vertical, the easiest way is to take them as starting points. However this is rarely the case, even in new construction. The best start is to draw a vertical line on the wall with a level or a plumb line.

To put wallpaper: the first one

The paintings to paint are made to last. More resistant than wallpaper (and sometimes even real frames, like the glass canvas), they can be decorated to infinity to suit the tastes of successive inhabitants of the house. Another advantage: they mask the slight defects of the support. Nevertheless, they do not exempt from filling the big cracks and, above all, to remove the reliefs. A salient point will remain visible after the pose: only an incision will remove it.

Cut out the strips

cutting a wallpaper

On a glue board, cut the panels of the height of the panel to be covered by adding a few centimeters of margin that will be leveled later. Use either strong scissors or a ruler and a cutter.

Glue the surface

paste the wallpaper

With a medium-long pile roller, apply the glue (suitable for the coating) on ​​a surface a little wider than the lé. Be sure to glue everywhere: any lack of glue will cause a blister.

Glue the borders

paste the edges of the wallpaper

Treat the edges between wall and ceiling and between wall and floor with a round brush (do not overflow). On the other hand, in the corner between two walls, stick generously.

Lay the le

ask his wallpaper

Draw a vertical marker on the wall. Present the top of the lé leaving an edge of a few centimeters on the ceiling. Adjust the edge on the mark, then position it completely on the wall.

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