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Laying a wallpaper can quickly and dramatically transform the atmosphere of a room. As soon as the basic techniques are mastered, this work, which however requires patience and application, is within the reach of all.

All about the wallpaper

  • Of all the wall coverings, the wallpaper offers the widest choice of colors, patterns and textures.
Whether the goal is to create an ambiance in an old setting, to agree to a home of style or to design a contemporary decor, the wallpaper can provide a satisfactory answer.

  • His pose is not very complicated. The final result depends primarily on the preparation of the walls. Even if the thicker papers can hide the small defects of the support, they do not play in any case the role of cache-misère.
To obtain an impeccable result, the walls must be healthy, clean, smooth and clear of any roughness before lining the room.
  • Once the first laid, the main difficulty is to make invisible connections and especially to deal with any obstacles that appear on the walls. Switches, radiators, angles, doors... All these details require special attention.
Take your time to avoid making mistakes. You will then succeed your wall decoration to perfection.

Paste wallpaper: our tips, tips and tricks

  • Put non-woven wallpaper in a child's room
  • The wallpaper
  • Wallpaper: apply a non-woven
  • Wallpaper: read the labels
  • Wallpaper: calculate the number of rolls
  • Wallpaper: how to choose your rolls
  • Wallpaper: start your building site
  • Wallpaper: remove bubbles
  • Wallpaper: dress a switch with a non-woven
  • Wallpaper: the toolbox
  • Wallpaper: where to stick the first one
  • Wallpaper: to change the scenery
  • Wallpaper: What motive for which room?
  • Wallpaper: make the entourage of a door with a non-woven
  • Wallpaper: successfully pose
  • Wallpaper: wallpaper around a radiator with a non-woven
  • Wallpaper: treat angles
  • Motif wallpaper: successful pose
  • Decoration: take off wallpaper
  • Wallpaper: find the fixing holes
  • Wallpaper: wallpaper by remedying bubbles
  • Wallpaper: repair a tear
  • Repair a snag on wallpaper

Video Instruction: How to hang wallpaper part 1: preparation