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Lay non-woven wallpaper

With the non-woven, finished the chore of laying traditional wallpaper! Easy to install, solid and thick, this trendy wallcovering continues to make fans. Composed of fabric fibers glued on vinyl, it easily covers the imperfections of the walls.

Difficulty level:

Easy (and fast).

Tools and materials needed:

Non-woven paper glue.
A plastic bucket.
An anti-drip roll.
A brush of upholsterer.
A chalk line.
A mason rule.
A cutter.

Step 1: preparing the surface.

The preparation of the walls must be done according to their state but also of their material.

Step 2: glue the wall.

Dilute the glue in a bucket with water following the manufacturer's instructions.
Using a chalk line, mark a vertical line along the wall that will serve as a marker for the first line.
Dip the roll in the glue and spread evenly over the wall.

EStep 3: Laying the tiles.

Place the first lé following your mark then maroufle it by passing the upholsterer brush up and down then from the inside to the outside.
Then install the next one by sticking it edge to edge with the previous one then maroufle it.
Do the same for the rest of the tiles.

Lay non-woven wallpaper: wallpaper

Step 4: the finishes.

To complete the installation at the skirting boards, stick your ruler against the wall and level the excess paper with the cutter.

Video Instruction: How to hang non-woven wallpaper