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Resistant to fire, moisture and shocks, used to reinforce sound insulation or to improve indoor air quality... plasterboard plays an important role, in nine as in renovation. Guide to choose the type of panel that best suits your needs.

Choosing your plasterboard

Placo®: with each color its characteristics

Simple to implement and compatible with all types of cladding, plasterboard has become essential in most construction and renovation projects. Whether to insulate, protect against fire, moisture, or to ensure optimal air quality. Blue, green, pink... every plasterboard brand Placo® responds to a color code in order to be easily identifiable according to the desired benefit. To complete this offer, Placo® now offers Habito®, a very high hardness plasterboard that resists shocks and supports all loads. Color tour to discover the best solution for your needs.

Habito®, the very high hardness plate

Habito®, the very high hardness plasterboard

Habito®, the very high hardness plasterboard

To easily hang decorative objects or hang furniture (kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, etc.) Placo® innovates with plasterboard Habito®. With a very high hardness, it is able to support a load of 20 kg (per point of attachment) with a simple wood screw, and 60 kg using expansion dowels. Its excellent resistance allows Habito® to absorb the shocks and makes this plate the ideal solution to make partitions or double the walls in all the rooms of the house.
The Habito® plasterboard also allows for doublings and partitions in damp rooms (bathrooms, unheated rooms...). Easily recognizable by its gray-green facing (invisible side face) Habito® Hydro is a waterproof plasterboard that has all the features of the Habito plate® standard. The latter is also available in 60 cm wide to facilitate its implementation in hard to reach places.

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Blue to improve acoustic comfort

Whether they come from outside (road traffic, street entertainment, industrial activities, restless neighbors...) or that they are fit for the life of your home (conversations, children's games...), noise is a nuisance that can be mitigated or eliminated. The solution? Range Placo® sound, which offers a sound reduction of 3 dB (decibels) - 50% less noise! - compared to the same structure made of standard plasterboard. And this, without particular implementation, or specific accessories. Partitions, ceilings and lining on frame, the use of Placo plate® Phonique is justified everywhere in the house where noise may disturb serenity. Television, airplane... to assess the impact of noise pollution, Placo® put to use the Placo app® dBstation®. An acoustic simulator available on PC or smartphone to test the performance of Placo solutions®.

White to clean the indoor air

In the face of pollution, the issue of indoor air quality must be considered, especially in children's rooms, which are more sensitive to pollutants. Thanks to a specific component, the plate Placo® Activ'Air® reduces up to 80% * of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and in particular the formaldehyde emitted by certain solvents or resins. Covered with a porous finish such as wallpaper or acrylic paint, this plate is effective for 50 years!

* For an Activ'Air product area report®/ room volume greater than or equal to 1.3.

Green to resist moisture

Due to the humidity generated by the kitchen, bathroom and unheated rooms (garage, storeroom...), it is mandatory for all types of work to opt for a water-repellent solution. Six times more resistant to moisture than a standard plate, the plate Placomarine® can be used both for the assembly of a partition and for a frame lining. Side finishes the use of Placomix specific coating® Hydro does not have to install a Tile Water Protection System (SPEC) before installing the tiles.

Pink to contain the fire hazards

Kitchen, garage, workshop... every year 250 000 domestic fires are responsible for many damages. To cope with this risk, the plate Placoflam® integrates vermiculite and fiberglass in its composition to make it more resistant to fire. Associated with a Placostil partition®it offers fire resistance up to 2 hours *. In addition, under the action of heat, the plaster does not release toxic vapors, only water vapor.

* Fire resistance of 2 hours in the case of a Placostil partition® 98/48 with Placoflam plates® BA 13.

Expanded polystyrene for efficient thermal insulation

Good thermal insulation has two advantages: keeping a pleasant indoor temperature and, ultimately, a lower heating bill. Composed of an expanded polystyrene insulation panel combined with a plasterboard Placo® 13 mm, the range of glued doublings Placomur® performances allows to put in a single operation the insulation and siding on any type of support: brick, block or concrete. This solution is recommended for interior insulation (ITI) of the exterior walls (perimeter walls) of your home.

Solutions for the whole house

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