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The decorative partitions allow to separate the spaces of the house, without undertaking heavy work. Generally very easy to put in place, they exist in many materials (corrugated metal, wood, plexiglass, stone, etc.) and in every imaginable style. Some trendy examples, to follow in this article.

Wooden decorative partitions

The panels constituting the decorative wooden partitions, are not necessarily blackout.

A partition designed in this noble material, can also play a role of breeze view, letting the light through.

The panels, instead of being full, are then openwork: composed of lattices, trellises or even designed as a ladder.

The wooden partition is particularly suitable for personalization by adding decorative elements:

  • colorful canvases
  • custom cutouts
  • Etc.

Transparent decorative partitions

Filter panels are a good partitioning solution that does not limit the entry of light into rooms. Designed as very thin and light blinds, these fabric panels (usually made of cotton) are also called "Japanese panels".

There are also glass or plexi partitions, ideal if you want to keep the room depth.

These partitions can be colorful, even openwork (composed of small glass modules attached to each other).

Removable decorative partitions

Structuring space as we understand it is possible today. We use for this sliding panels, hanging on a leaf (or mobile frame). The decorative partition becomes here a real removable wall that can be slid over the entire length of the rail.

Easy to install, removable partitions do not encroach very slightly on the available surface. Their installation is not limited by the rooms whose layout is completed, since no masonry is needed here.

The original decorative partitions

The decorators compete with ingenuity to offer ever more originality in the models of decorative partitions.

For example:

  • The light partition, composed of transparent acrylic panels and LEDs. It diffuses a soft and subdued light, for a cozy atmosphere.
  • The plant partition which takes again the principle of the gardener (generally equipped with a metal structure).
  • The useful partitionwhich allows for example to suspend the kitchen utensils and thus brings a saving of space.

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