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In principle, the installation of a partition also involves the installation of one or more insulating materials. It's about isolating your room to protect it from both heat loss and noise. However, the insulating partitions are starting to come on the market, for simplicity and fewer steps in your work.

What is an insulating partition?

An insulating partition consists ofan insulating panel integrated between two plasterboards. So, instead of having to fix your partitions, install insulation, then do the finishing, you just have to install your insulating partition. In one step, your partition is mounted, and your room isolated.

In which cases to put an insulating partition?

You can choose an insulating partition to install a new partition to fit rooms, to insulate an existing wall, or for a false ceiling. Need an extra room or an office? Do you want to create a lounge or reading area upstairs? An insulating wall is rigid, solid and rather simple to install.

Choose the insulating partition if you need a certain acoustic comfort between two rooms, or to optimize the thermal comfort of your home.

How to mount an insulating partition?

The installation of an insulating partition is suitable for new construction or renovation.

It's first about installing a frame. The panels of the partition will be fixed in this framework. The editing is rather fast, but there are a number of finishes to perform. Ask your dealer or ask a professional to install your partition.

Have good insulation allows to do energy savings. Choosing an insulating partition can be a relevant solution. Do not hesitate to contact professionals to guide you in your choices. Other types of partitions exist. For example, if you need to be able to modulate the space according to your activities, opt for a mobile partition.

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