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Deprivation of enjoyment in housing means that you can no longer live in your home following an incident due to a particular fire, or an incident for which your owner is responsible. What to do in such a case? Explanations...

Deprivation of enjoyment and fire warranty

All home multi-risk contracts include a fire warranty. You are therefore covered for basic risks. However, it is prudent to subscribe to warranty extensions, usually optional, such as the loss of enjoyment of your home.
This allows you the partial reimbursement of accommodation costs. It only covers the period ofs repair workwhen your house or apartment is totally uninhabitable.
If you are a renter your insurance is responsible for paying the rents to your landlord, the time for refurbishment. If you are the owner the benefits will be paid directly by your insurer. These are calculated on the rental value of your home and the estimated duration of the work.

To note. This indemnity may not exceed a year. EIt is only for temporary relocation. Although this guarantee is common for fires, it is less so in case of floods or natural disasters. Ask several insurance companies or ask an insurance broker who will make the comparisons for you.

Deprivation of enjoyment and liability of your owner

We must first check that the responsibility for the incident it's up to your landlord. Do not hesitate to get legal advice to help you.

For example, the pipes of the condo exploded under the effect of frost, thus depriving you of water throughout your home.
In this case, it is a partial loss of enjoyment. Provided that the repairs last more than forty days, the price of rent will be reduced according to the duration of the inconvenience.

However, in some cases, if the harms are more serious, you can get the non-payment of rents during said period. To negotiate, amicably with your landlord or to bring before a judge. In case of total loss of housing, following an explosion for example, your lease will be terminated automatically.

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