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I had a house built in 1986 and most of the tiles (flamed valloise) fall apart. I contacted a roofer to get him an estimate and he told me that the tiles are normally guaranteed 30 years. So I wrote by registered mail with A / R to my builder with photos in support and he replied that he no longer had the bills because the construction was more than ten years and he advised me to ask through my roofer an exchange of these tiles. I ask myself the following questions: should not a builder keep the material bills for the duration of their warranty? And is it normal for my roofer to ask for this exchange?

Logic would require that the builder of your house contact the tile supplier to repair the damage. Start by turning against him. by sending him an LR / AR recalling the thirty-year guarantee of the tiles of the house he built for you. You do not have to go into the consideration of the loss of its bill... If you benefit from a guarantee "legal defense-recourse" in your multirisk home, contact your insurer who will be able to examine the damages and propose to you perhaps a solution.

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