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In 1997, my house was built and covered with southern tiles of the Poudenx Imerys brand. The tiles have broken down and I would like to know the warranty at the time. The manufacturer tells me that they are guaranteed 30 years since 2000, but before?

Indeed, these tiles do not enter the guarantee thirty years since 2000. It should determine the exact cause of the disintegration of your tiles (freezing, poor implementation, etc.).

The Poudenx is a clay channel tile commonly installed in the South of France. Its technical characteristics exclude a pose above 900 meters altitude.

If you benefit from a "legal defense-recourse" guarantee in your home multi-risk, contact your insurer who may be able to intervene, examine the damage and determine if there is faulty or defective product.

Before coming to a conflicting legal solution, contact Imerys via the form of their website, recommending me...

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