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Waste is always a problem in the garden: its volume is important, and burn them on the spot without precaution (neighborhood, road, climate) may be dangerous. Incineration (in a closed incinerator) or recycling in a special bin for composting are the right solutions.

Garden incinerators

• They are usually made of strong galvanized sheet.
• Their capacity is of the order of 100 l, and they allow to burn quickly and without risk of fire herbs, brambles, branches and other waste.
• The incineration tank has a ventilation at the base, which allows an excellent draft.
• Some models of incinerators are more sophisticated and can burn waste
garden as household waste, virtually odorless and smoke free.
They are equipped with a chimney cap filtering the soot.
A system allows for double burning of flue gases (which decreases clearance
• There are also wheelbarrows incinerator, easy to move.

Compost bins

Product to accelerate the formation of compost.

Product to accelerate the formation of compost.

• Many plant wastes (weeds, grass cuttings, hedge cuttings, healthy dead plants) and housewares (vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, chimney ash) can be used to make compost.
• You can build a compost bin (blocks or bricks), leaving holes in the walls.

Waste disposal: always problem

• There are also plastic compost bins with a capacity of 300 l and more. Their walls are designed to maintain the heat needed for fermentation. A sliding panel provides access to the part of the mixture best decomposed, that is to say at the bottom of the tray.
A lid serves to prevent the diffusion of odors.
• Mesh compost bins are inexpensive and easy to install.



Grind green, to easily get rid of all plant waste!
The motor of the grinders is electric (220 V) or thermal (four-stroke gasoline engine). These are usually powerful machines, some with two inputs: one for leaves, grass and various plants, the other (lateral) for hard woody branches. The garbage falls below or is collected in a plastic bag. Finely ground, this waste can be easily buried, dumped or placed in a compost bin.

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