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The strike is part of the elements that constitute a lock such as the cylinder, the housing or the bolt. It accompanies hook locks, tubular locks, multipoint locks as well as wall or recessed locks. Sometimes manual, sometimes electric, the strike is easy to install and helps secure access to a place.

What is the purpose of a lock strike?

A lock strike is simply a small piece of sheet metal or metal that is applied to the door jamb so that the bolt of the lock can be housed there. The striker completes the lock cylinder, the housing and the lock bolt. Without the lock, the door could not close properly. Know that the stronger it is, the higher the security level. Even though this little piece of metal seems trivial and unimportant, it's important to ask it correctly.
After locating the position of your lock and digging the hole for the cylinder location, temporarily tighten your lock to align the strike with the frame. Once everything is aligned, you can then screw firmly together. For a manual lock strike, count between 1 and 10 euros.

Electric lock strike

There are two types of waste on the market: the manual or electric strike.

The manual strike consists of a simple piece of metal to be applied to the door jamb while the electric is connected to the electric current to activate the locking or unlocking of the remote door. There are mainly electric strikes at the doors of buildings, banks, fire doors or gates.

The electric strike perfectly adapts to the applied locks and built-in locks and is ideal for securing a place. Be aware that the normal electric strike locks in the event of a power failure while the energized striker unlocks. In the case of a stationary contact strike, the electricity unlocks the strike until the door is opened. The electric door release is unlatched remotely most often via an intercom or a snap button but also sometimes via an internal clock or a computer. To equip a door with an electric strike, count between 20 and 90 euros. Be aware that it is easier to install an electric strike with an applied lock than with a built-in lock. To ensure the best possible pose, use a locksmith.

Video Instruction: HES 5000 Electric Strike Lock Installation