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Water paints


They are composed of a water-based mixture of up to 80%, solvents, pigments and fillers, and other additives. They are also listed under the names "water-based paints".


Tray, brush, brush, gun, roll.

On which supports:

On all substrates (except metals for vinyl paints).

Uses for the house:

Inside and outside.


High speed of drying. Generally less than 2 hours.

Finishing aspect:

Is a function of the quality of the paints used.


Acrylic paints and vinyl paints with a great variety of colors and in glossy, matte or satin hues.

There are already water-based paints made with non-toxic, biodegradable natural products and research is still underway to improve their capabilities and develop others.


Great ease of application. Good hiding power. No or little yellowing. No or few odors unpleasant to pose. Much less toxic than oil paints but not totally harmless.


Finishing quality less than oil paints.

To wash instruments after use:

With water or soapy water.

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