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Water bed: everything you need to know about water beds

Water beds or "water beds" offer an original alternative to traditional bedding. These luxury products, in perpetual evolution are particularly renowned for their comfort and recommended in case of back problems and insomnia. Are waterbeds real advances in health or expensive gadgets for wealthy customers? To make your own opinion, this week DIYDubranche invites you to discover the water beds in all their seams.

The different models of water beds

Water bed: everything you need to know about water beds: water

Waterbeds usually consist of a pedestal on which a load balancer is located, then an insulating bottom board and a water heater. There are two large families of water beds, the "hard side", in other words "the heavy frame" and the "soft side", or "light frame". The "hard side", which was the first to be marketed, is distinguished by a heavy wooden bed frame. Lighter and newer; the "soft side" models have a foam frame and compartmentalize the mattress for added comfort. You will also find tube water mattresses that turn out to be "over-mattresses" to add to their sleeping arrangements. If they offer the advantage of being light and cheap, their performance is far from equaling that of conventional water mattresses. Finally, you can choose a waterbed two places or opt for two mattresses a place to install side by side.

The advantages and disadvantages of waterbeds

Water beds offer many advantages, starting with comfort. Indeed, they support the body uniformly and perfectly fit its shape, without causing pressure which allows a pleasant and relaxing sleep. In addition, the built-in heating system offers a choice of soft heat, which can be appreciated in winter or if it is cool for the summer. Note that water mattresses are impervious to water and air, which prevents potential mites and other bed bugs. However, the mattress does not breathe, which requires you to wash the sheets very regularly. Also beware of leaks that are difficult to repair, despite what the builders say even if they do not risk in any case to flood your room. Finally, the water beds weigh relatively heavy which complicates the change of sheets, but also changes of place and removals.

Waterbed, practical side

Water bed: everything you need to know about water beds: beds

The installation of a waterbed is a complex job accessible to good DIYers. However, the assembly and filling require some precision in order to adapt the mattress to the corpulence of sleepers. Therefore, it is advisable to use a qualified installer who will take only a few hours to set up a bed perfectly adapted to your body type. The water beds also require specific maintenance, in fact it is necessary to treat the water about once a year with a specific antialgae product costing about fifteen euros. In case of moving, you will have to empty your waterbed in its entirety. Finally, at the level of the tariffs, it is necessary to envisage a minimum of 1500 euros for an entry-level model.

Attention HandymanDuanche encourages you to thoroughly research the brand and the dealer chosen, because in this area the fake good deals are not lacking. It is therefore better to favor a reputable brand that pays more. Thus, you will benefit from a serious after-sales service in case of problem.

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