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Tasks on the ceiling, water streaming on the walls, wallpaper peeling off, parquet flooring... you are certainly facing a problem of water damage and it is not always easy to know what to do in such a situation. Do not panic, after taking some precautions beforehand, the simplest and most logical is to call a plumber. Follow these tips to solve the problem as best as possible and as quickly as possible.

Water damage: call a plumber

Water damage: call a plumber

Water damage: the way forward

Before anything else, it is important to locate where the problem is coming from. If he comes from your home, immediately think about cutting the water but also the electricity to avoid any short circuit and any accident. If it comes from one of your neighbors, contact him immediately so that he cuts off his water supply and if he is absent, then contact the concierge or the guardian so that he cuts the water in the building and thus prevent the problem from getting worse. Then think about taking pictures of the damage generated and to keep all damaged property. This will be very useful when the visit of the expert and to be able to make you refund if necessary. Once all these precautions are taken, you can then call a professional to repair the damage. The most common is to call a plumber or firefighters if it is a major flood.

Water damage: plumber and insurance

Before calling a plumber, ask yourself a few questions. Do not contact an emergency repair company and call your insurance. Indeed, as part of your home insurance, you have certainly subscribed to water damage insurance which fully or partially supports the plumber's costs. After informing your insurer, he will send to your home a licensed plumber in order to proceed with the search for a leak and to prepare an estimate for repairs. He will also advise you on the procedure for reimbursing you for the costs incurred. The search for leakage will be your responsibility if it comes from your home but you will be reimbursed by your home insurance. If it comes from the common parts, then it will be the co-ownership that will take care of everything. In the event that your home insurance does not take care of water damage, consider favoring a plumber you know or have been recommended.

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