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I have 2 questions: following a water damage my water-repellent bathroom plaster rotten (brown color - painting that goes away). Question 1 - should it be changed? (my insurer tells me to wait for him to dry and repaint) Question 2 - I rent my apartment for the summer and so tentatively (for 2 months) to hide the tasks on the placo - what to do? (under layer - plastic coating or other...) a solution therefore that would also allow the plaster to dry.

A plasterboard that has been damaged by water, even if it is water repellent, must be changed and replaced.

For an emergency and totally temporary solution you can sand it lightly then glue a glass fabric that will unify everything and then paint over the color of your choice. Warning: this "solution" will not allow the drying of the plate and will only "hide the misery"...

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