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Water damage: insurance intermediaries save you time and money

Going through an insurance intermediary allows an individual wishing to take out an insurance contract to benefit from significant time and money savings. An independent professional quickly identifies the offers available on the market in line with the need and optimizes the chances of finding a better home insurance.

The insurance intermediary advises and verifies the quality of the guarantees provided by the insurance contract. He is also responsible for following up the file in the event of a claim and makes proposals to his client when he identifies more advantageous offers on the market. In case of water damage, an insurance intermediary such as aukazou will earn you money because it will provide the best compensation: the one we are entitled to receive and not the one we would have claimed. Compensation that will cover 100% of the refurbishment work. It will also save you valuable time because it will take care of the steps with the insurance company and neighbors.

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