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The overpressure of your water network can be at the origin of a specific phenomenon called "water hammer".
The ram's blow, what is it? What is it due to? When does it occur? What can be its consequences on a sanitary installation? Our answer elements to find in this article.

Domestic plumbing: the causes of the water hammer

The ram's blow, what is it?

This physical phenomenon results in the overpressure of your water network:

  • at the moment of his start-up,


  • on the occasion of abrupt variation the flow velocity of a fluid.

for example: at the moment of sudden closing of a valve.

When can it happen?

The battering ram is a relatively rare plumbing problem. Specifically, domestic plumbing systems are most often victims of a water hammer when closing the valve of a dishwasher or a washing machine.

Plumbing: the potential consequences of water hammering

The consequences of water hammer can be disastrous for your sanitary installation. Since it is designed to withstand limited pressure, it may not be able to withstand the force generated.

The water hammer can thus cause:
1. the rupture of the pipes, followed by a damage of the waters because of the quantity of water in movement;
2. the deformation of the water pipes.

To noteThis second potential consequence can usually be identified by the dull sound it causes. A sound approaching a hammer blow.

What to face the water hammer?

If you have a water hammer on your home installation, contact a plumber immediately. This one will be able to propose to you an adequate solution to counter or limit this phenomenon.

Some examples:

  • reduce the pressure of the water supply of your installation thanks to a pressure regulator;
  • install valves with a slow closing speed;
  • install a bottle anti-pulsating or anti-ram device.

To note: by using its own energy, the water hammer can be used for the purpose of pumping water at a certain height. A phenomenon that allows the setting up ofa pumping system.

Video Instruction: What is Water Hammer?