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Whether operating on gas or electricity, standards familiar to professionals set the criteria for the location of a water heater. Discover in this article the different conditions to meet to determine the space where will be installed the water heater housing.

Water heater, where to install it?

Water heater, where to install it?

Where to install a water heater?

Determining the right location to install a water heater allows you toavoid energy waste useless.

  • It is therefore advisable to install the device near the rooms of the house whose hot water needs are the most important (bathroom or kitchen).
  • It is also recommended to install the water heater near the electrical panel.
  • The water heater must be protected from the cold and remain accessible to make adjustments and maintenance.

To note: The NFC15-100 standard specifies that a water heater is placed more than 60 cm from the bathtub (shower), except in the case of pipes made of conductive material.

Specific location for the installation of a gas water heater

The location of a gas-fired water heater will not be the same whether it is an instantaneous model or an accumulation model.

With the exception of sealed circuit water heaters, it is strictly forbidden to install an instantaneous gas water heater in:

  • a bathroom
  • room
  • a stay (or living room)
  • a room only with a VMC mouth

It is therefore placed in a kitchen imperatively equipped with a window. Suction gas water heaters must be installed as close to the sink as possible.

The storage gas water heater can be attached to the wall of any room, provided it is connected to an exhaust.

How to hide a water heater?

A water heater is not particularly aesthetic, so you have to take into account the means of concealment when choosing its location. In particular if one wishes to shelter it in a formwork.

This solution logically requires more space than a simple curtain, but it is also an effective "tailor-made" way to completely camouflage the equipment.

To note: in order to ensure the safety of the system, the formwork of the water heater must imperatively allow good ventilation.

However, there is no reason to opt for "space saving" solutions designed to decorate the water heater rather than conceal it, which will not affect the choice of its location.

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