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All electric water heaters do not have the same volumetric capacities. Depending on the domestic hot water consumption of your home, you can choose between several models of appliances with varying capacities. Water heater: the different volumes, all the information to find in this article.

Volumes of the auxiliary water heater

As its name suggests, the auxiliary water heater is ideal for small areas since it serves a single point of water (sink, sink). In fact, this small electric water heater has a tank with a volume of 15 L to 50 L.

Practical, it is installed in any room (provided it has a connection) and its heating time is very short.

Volumes of the vertical, wall-mounted or floor-standing water heater

Wall mounted vertical water heater
The capacity of a vertical wall-mounted water heater can reach 200 L. However, beyond 100 L it is necessary to consolidate the installation of the device using a tripod placed on the ground to support it.

Vertical ground water heater
The capacity of a vertical water heater placed on the ground on a base can reach 300 L.

Volumes of horizontal electric water heater

The horizontal water heater attaches to the wall, making it the ideal solution for rooms that do not have a large volume. An installation that does not encroach on the floor surface.

Like all water heaters, its water capacity can range from 50 L to a maximum of 200 L.

Volumes of the stable electric water heater

Unlike the previously mentioned models, the stable electric water heater does not attach to the wall but must be placed on a stabilizing pedestal.

In fact, the volume of its tank can range from 50 to several thousand liters depending on the models. It is therefore logically favored by households with large domestic hot water needs.

Which volumes of water heater to choose?

For your information, the table below lists the recommendations provided by most electric water heater manufacturers:

StudioT2T3 T4T5 and +
1 person2 to 3 people3 to 4 people3 to 4 people5 people and +
Recommended tank capacity100 L150 L to 200 L200 L to 250 L250 L to 300 L300 L to 500 L

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