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Inlets through the chimney

Big problem with the duct of my chimney: as soon as it rains, water flows all along the pipe to the stove. The stove pipe goes well to the top of the masonry duct; I enclose a picture seen from above. How to solve the problem? We have already done some renovation work because all the false ceiling was soaked with water! We would not want to start again!


There are several possible causes for these infiltrations. The first is the absence of a hat on the chimney stump. Inlet water is important. In this case it will be enough just to add one! You can even make a chimney cap yourself.
Another possibility: an infiltration of water by the chimney stump whose tightness would have been poorly made. The water would then follow the casing to flow inside your home. You can apply an anti-crack product or redo the flashing.

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